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What is Ethical Empathetic Integrity?

🧟‍♂️ The Zombie Apocalypse? 🧟‍♀️

Narcissist Self Mastery!

Narcissist Self Mastery


The Zombie Apocalypse does mean getting rid of any adult in your personal and business life that is no longer of shared value.


If you learn to detect abnormal people by their features, mannerisms, and behavior and look into their personal life, you will avoid Zombies. Don’t be too quick to misjudge anyone. Most of the public had no idea they had been living next to monsters, attending planned city circuses, and only being destroyed by the people they knew, know work/ed with, and live/d around. 


Healing from generations of bioweapons isn’t hard. At this time, systems are overloaded. There is no time to say “tomorrow I will quit that poison”, regarding your health with ANYTHING toxic due to what UnGuru calls; “System Overload Syndrome”.


Healthy people have lives wrought with overloaded stress, but this should not affect their ethics in friendship and business whatsoever. 


Make your checklists to learn to detect “The New Normal – Passive Aggressive Covert Narcissist.”  Pandemic levels of the “New Deranged” will start to hit critical mass within two years.

“Stadium-Book-Tuber-Selling-Narc Gurus” are everywhere. All Gurus or any public figure has been created to be the “look-over-here” response to whatever agenda is planned for the human farm animal within your communities. Narc Gurus are trained NLP programmers to keep you suffering in trauma; buy more from their franchises. The money is used for mafiao crap, trust money, wealth, political agendas, etc. 


If you are human, you will never be able to figure out deranged, infected people.  The infected could come from generational crime syndicates in your communities which they’re genetically modified sociopaths. The everyday person that is deranged could be affected by generations of inherited genetics, trauma, parasites, tech weapons, and toxins. “Bad Seeds” are born and created. After age 30 the frontal lobe closes, and less than 3% can modify.


Modification can take a lifetime.


The infected are silent-stealth murderers. Any relationship the infected are attached to is to gain supply. Their victims manifest mental illness and diseases.


Hollywood has been great for “Narcissist Programming” with many movies “in your face” with reality they are fun to watch. The film “Mr. Brooks” should level humans as to who and what is in your communities. 👿

Humans face disbelief, Toxic Shock Syndrome, anxiety, depression, anger, and every emotion when reality comes to their lives. It is profound that this well-panned-out mission took 500 years to create, if not mind-blowing.


Our support group will focus more on forgiveness and mastering skills to detect the infected as more and more become deranged.


UnGuru’s; “Zombie Apocalypse Support Group” will focus on; trauma, detoxing, chemical-free homes, minimalism, and forming new relationships with healthy humans.


Perhaps the most critical skills to make it through this shift is to find our kind to collaborate with, moving to the least corrupt regions to build a new world while the Oligarchs bring in the ‘fist pound’ to end the infected.


One can quickly master disturbing characters without making the Narc aware you know they are insane before getting involved.


You never want to provoke anyone who is deranged.


These are just the hard facts while the world rebirths for humans. 

Introducing; "The Narcissistic Spectrums"!

Parasites, Toxins, Genetic Modification Causes Narcissism

Become very mindful, listen intently but don't be paranoid.

Trapped? Hatch an escape plan & recover from any adult that no longer serves your greater good!

For 400-500 Years All Medical & Science 70% Come From Generational Masonic & Fraternal Organizations!

There are many ethical and talented professionals in the medical field and they all know the insane corruption, murder, and genocide.


However, all medical professionals must be vetted prior to hiring.


UnGuru knows healthy medical professionals, hospitals, and caregivers worldwide, competing for their client’s trust.


The day of the Doctor telling Clients what to do are over! Terrible clients will not be seen by ethical doctors either. Humans have entered the age of “contracts” for all parties involved. 


What is even more  UNREAL, is that the general public knows more about health, surgery and disease than most doctors?

Warnings and Opinions!


Estate Plan, Legally unrig from Govt. Inc., immediately, hire a medical advocate!


In case of an emergency when seeing a medical professional, UnGuru advises, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH,” and get out as quickly as possible.




Detecting passive aggression within groups of people must be mastered.


Healthcare industries are unable to be repaired due to generations of infected Doctors, Dentists, BAR-Lawyers, Intelligence Agencies, created within; “Secret Societies & Fraternal Organizations”! The commoner professionals were kept out of the loop. They all know now. The movie; “From Hell”  will alert you to how the sociopaths moved into every community worldwide.

How Our Upstanding Families and Government Entities Conspired To Make Us Their Slaves?

The World Government’s would love to have you believe that only China is involved in organ harvesting. Anyone from the DMV, Paramedics, American Hospitals, Coroners in every community “Organ Harvest”. 


It is as common as putting fetal tissue in everyone’s food, considering all small and large restaurants and festivals buy from the same five worldwide food companies. 

UnGuru repeats! There are AMAZING Government charities, foundations, grants. You must expect transparency from any business and everyone. Social Credits apply in the Private Member Entertainment and Business Clubs, PERIOD!

People will be shocked more and more knowing that all diseases are caused by Wifi and Elf waves agitating intentional bacteria and parasites inside the human host. All major chemical companies and all tax paid systems are in on the intentional disease creations. 

No Longer can good people trust any government entity.


Not all Government entities are bad. It is constant chasing the corrupt within all government services for humans. Time to exit and wallet vote. Buy local, require lab tests for everything. Do not eat at your front businesses, city circuses unless they provide lab tests. 

Medical Mafias, Lawyers, Law, and Wellness Demons DOWN!

The Medical Profession Has The Highest Rate of Serial Killers!

“Holistic” is the new buzzword of all professions. Our favorite is; “Longevity,” which most are Transhumanists. In UnGuru’s humblest opinion, hire a medical advocate. Never leave loved ones with a caregiver.


All medical professionals should be able to provide references of those that have had good results and those that have had complaints that the medical provider has corrected.


No one can expect any medical provider to be 100%, but mistakes are corrected. Keep in mind that mistakes can not be deadly. The “Medical Mafias” hide deadly doctors mistakes. You must “deep dive” and research before getting involved with any medical provider. 


Providers that ask their clients to write online reviews for money or discounts are sociopaths. Medical providers that offer botox, plastic surgery without starting their careers as plastic surgeons should not be providing any plastic surgery. However, somehow the medical mafias have found legal loopholes for any doctor to provide these services and outsource surgical procedures to any general surgeon.


Deep-Dive any doctor, to trace them back to any association they belong to and where they got their degree.


Nothing wrong with a “nip or tuck,” but when doctors enter the plastic surgery field with no experience, they are dangerous!



Why is documentation necessary with any provider?


Both client and provider need protection. Doctors take notes after every visit, and the client should document their visit, also.


A good doctor will require this style of documentation practice.


Documentation should be co-shared each visit and signed off on with both parties agreeing or amending documentation if needed.


Co-documentation between client and provider will become the “New Normal.” 


All lawyers, judges pledge allegiance to the state, a “defacto corporation”.


All “Injury Lawyers” are bought out by; Medical, Pharma, Psyche which has all community lawyers and judges in their pockets. This means if you hire a BAR Attorney for anything, all sides meet privately to determine if you will get any settlement, and blowing as many holes in your case as possible. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!


When everyone educates themselves within real law, knowing how to protect themselves, these crime syndicates will have no leg to stand on, which is ever apparent. 


All Systems are falling apart.



The Medical Profession Rarely, If Ever, Prosecutes Their Serial Killers.

What are you eating and placing in your body?

😱 You Still Shopping At Grocery Stores, EATING FOOD FROM YOUR LOCAL RESTAURANTS?

Are you going to start educating yourself and requiring lab tests? 🤮

After Watching These Videos, You Will Not Question Why People Are Insane!

Nixon Solidified Technocratic, Eugenics, Transhumanist Death Doctors!

Government Inc. Vrs. Private Human?!

Health Advocates are needed more than ever to protect both provider and client.


The cost for members is $125 per family to set up contracts and $25 a month thereafter. Hiring a Health Advocate is especially important for protection against “Family Courts and Children Protective Services”.


There is a need for government protection organizations. However, the system is completely broken when you have; “Government Sanctioned Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, Family Abuse, Court Corruption, Elder Abuse”. Full-blown corruption in all tax-paid government services is unable to be corrected due to the way in which these systems are set up. You are money in the pockets of any government agency which is why you and your family are hunted by your very own “once authorized” community Crime Rings.


Health Advocates are on-call 24/7 and should always be contacted whenever visiting a caregiver to document appointments or should you need emergency care. These days you can not stay rigged to the Government and must have all protections in place.

How Do We Correct This? Peacefully!

Solutions? Unrig From Government, Health Advocates, Literacy in Contract Law, Vetted - Lab Tested - Member Only Clubs, PERIOD!

Welcome To Your Community "Truman Shows"!

If Your Front Businesses Were Responsible They Would Present Lab -Tests & Transparency!

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