You grew up with these people.

You will never really be invited to their private events.

You won’t marry them. They teach your children.

You allow your children to sleep over at their houses.

They deal to your children.

They are the popular kids.

These are very tortured and abused families in your communities.

These generational Mk-Ultra families manage you.

Meet your Satanic Crime Syndicate escapee, Katy Groves.

Her father runs a family psychiatry practice.

Her mother is an in-home piano teacher to community children. 

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Controlled Opposition 60 Minutes to the rescue.

Too many people were witness to twins with super human power on a suicide mission!

The diagnosis given by the community leading psychologist is nothing short of a Twin Nazi Experiment.

Perhaps because they are the lovely Project Paperclippers that come from your community.

Take a look at the video clip and be amazed 

Jesuit Trained Svali, a former Mk-Ultra programmed public school teacher who escaped to heal.

This is what is in our communities.

UnGuru has verified Svali as fully legitimate – Click Here

Automate, keep off the machines!

Keep your children off the machines and AWAY from the Community SYSTEMS!

Move to where you are treated best around humans.

🌎 Hive Mind 🌏

You can not help those already controlled by the machines? 🤡

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