🌎 Reclaiming Peace and Prosperity Through the Exchange of Unexposed Knowledge! 🌍

🌎 Low Dose - High Vibe 🌍

🌎 Know Better! Do Better! 🌍


To restore ethics and fair business practices in our communities by discouraging unethical and corrupt practices currently embedded in our system. 


Through our resource-loaded platform, easy DIY’s, this helps our membership learn that life, healing and prosperity is easy, not complicated by providing the “A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s”.


UnGuru’s mission is a low dose – high vibe platform that is non-weaponized, without confusion, designed to keep people out of the machines and get our members back to living. “Take what you want, leave the rest”, is one of UnGuru’s many mottos.  


Our members clearly identify with “parasitosis” as the root cause of the incredible corruption, turmoil within our own lives and those we love.


Knowing who to trust on the other end of the keyboard within our community fosters a sense of calm and security in the “New Normal” Corrupt.  UnGuru blows out every scam-scammer on the planet. 


Our vision is to enable ethical direct business-to-business (B2B) commerce and engagement worldwide and yet, forging the best local relationships possible. UnGuru prioritizes Apolitical statuses as the beacon for peace. 


One of UnGuru’s many focuses is to help our membership establish their own “Private-Public Sector” businesses which ignites autonomy, transparency, and personal liberation.


UnGuru helps our membership feel at ease within “Normal Dysfunctional”.


This helps membership to become their own Gurus, setting forth to be the change within their own lives and their communities with an ability to see things “straight up”.


An Exchange of knowledge and solutions will enable our members to leave the keys to future generations within the least corrupt communities worldwide.  

🌎 Be Business! 🌎 Do Business! 🌏 Be Worldwide 🌍

😎 These people come from American (Worldwide) Communities and homes .....🤫

Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through the Exchange of Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!
Thank You, George Carlin!
It is one big club and you and I ain't in it! Wonder what neighbors in your communities are in those clubs? 🤯

😳 They don't fall from some membrane out of the sky .....🤫

🌎 We Simply Walk Away! 🌍 UnGuru! 🌏

🌎 Isn't it Great to know who is on the other end of the keyboard on the NET & in your Community?! 🌍

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