Wellness Demons Laughing all the way to the BANK! 🤡

Dedicated to dear Ted Neely 💓

Wellness Demons vs. Doctors vs. the Emf/Wifi Fear Sellers! Scamming murderous monsters? 👹


People are really dying of emf-wifi-smart tech, video games, computer-media overuse, device poisons, intentional environmental poisoning, Morgs-Lyme-Oxidative Stress caught in-between wellness demons, money-grubbing doctors, and “Get-Out-of-Death” gadget sellers.


Before you go broke, or worse, overload your systems even further, dying from buying into every nutter protocol, “get-out-of-death- scheme”, buying every crazy gadget, know that you can heal from the toxins easily without losing your life or your fortune with any of these opportunists in emf-wifi protection, medical, or wellness Demons. Let’s start with the wellness demons of social media and Youtube.


Detox groups with LIES-white-glove or MLM product sellers, gadget selling or those that make their special products out of their bacteria infested kitchens, with synthetic sourced products.


The Wellness Demons are 80% full-blown psychopaths! These groups are loaded with “Live Your Best Lifer” Crime Syndicates from low-to-high level. 🥵

All Wellness groups are sponsored by social media influences, medical, psyche and other businesses. This is across the board for any YouTube or Wellness Group on any social media.


This lovely woman pictured ( also goes by the name of Judith and several others) tells people she is God, God speaks through her. She has many profiles and her business is 12forU ….




This woman can be tied to every group (“Family Owned-Small Batch”) maker on Facebook.  A former nurse who had her license ripped from her, this woman has stolen thousands of dollars from her customers, makes her products out of her dirty bacteria kitchen, buys from other MLM’s, smokes weed, cigarettes and has a shattered life. 


How all these wellness groups operate, besides hiring social media influencers to post death pictures and claim their products heal everything or they are Jesus, they cluster together to use very sick people to sell their products by giving these sick people their products. The Wellness Demons are responsible for murders into the millions. 


This woman is an example of your Wellness groups. UnGuru has investigated everyone and they are all liars and scams that if you do follow their protocols you won’t get any better. You can’t just follow Guru protocols. You must’ve a practitioner that follows your entire lifestyle, does an intake and guides you through everything in your home, life that is toxic. 


Health is not constant protocols, treating and remedies all day long.  Get off of these groups as they are littered with liars and mentally ill. UnGuru’s investigation into the Wellness Demons and Miracle Doctors is currently being filmed as a documentary. The devastation all in the health industry have caused is unbelievable. 

The Mental Madness in the Supplements and Avon Ladies becoming Medical Experts?
The Controlled Opposition of the Wellness Demon Doctors loading you up on synthetics.

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