Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.

Do Black Lives really Matter or is this more reverse engineered genocide on our poor ghettos to keep the boots on their neck, chained and bound, dependent on their very own leaders who work with the Zionists for charity funneling for their Eugenics, Technocrat, Transhumanism Agenda, neatly tucked within your community Do-Gooding Stasi Fams?


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Jr., Sr. II, III, IV will gladly have sex with you but NEVER bring you home to Mamma or Pappa.

Those “Double Kids” we grew up with and followed right along to their COLLEGE SCAMS!

Political, Academic, Corporate, Medical, Law, Charity, Community Organizer Trustifarians PRETEND THEY ARE POOR but they seem to travel the world?

One big club, eh?

These Trustifarians are the Stasis in your communities.


They are the “Organizers” always telling you what you should do, hate and what local resources are available to make sure your families are tracked.


They weaponize and make your children hate you. They PERVERT your children with over-sexualization, confuse your children into believing they are not the right genders.


They plan all divide and conquer agendas, along with your protests for justice. You allow your children to play with theirs.


They own and manage your historical societies, art, local music, community festivals, public art, Farmers Markets.

These Trustifarian Stasis feed your children the drugs.

Their families are in high level research in Academia, corporate, your local Chambers of Commerce, Networking Organizations, High level managers in all charities.

These Stasi Trustifarians have small front businesses right in your very neighborhoods, sponsoring them “little leagues”.

These Stasis are your Real Estate Hedge Funders moving into poor communities and destroying them (“we buy houses for cash”.)
and get all the other gangs to shooting.

They take over the community by buying out businesses, local politricktions, the police and construction companies.

You can not black and white anything.

Maybe it is these Trustifarians that need rescuing?

A special thank you to Jamie Johnson and the Johnson Family.

You can get an AMAZING idea of the Good and Evil Trustifarians in these Docus.

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