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😵‍💫 The Delusions of YouTube Content Creators & Media Watchers? 🥴

One of our former amateur Educational Broadcasters became so mentally ill from technology over-use, spending 20 hrs. a day being radiated in her dirty Wifi, producing hidden history content for her YouTube Channel. Over time she convinced herself that her research would save the world.
Over two years, UnGuru invested approximately $100,000 in this woman, a hidden history entertainer. The money spent was on; co-creating her research, character development, all aspects of publicity, literary management, content creation, and complete education in all media aspects, including ethical vs. unethical marketing, education in tech protections, and diseases caused by overuse. In exchange for UnGuru’s investment, this content creator was to help pull into UnGuru everyday people to gain; “life skills, REALITY, law, health, business, etc.”
UnGuru’s marketing and production team elevated her channel. At the same time, her ego was slipping further into “paid for” conspiracy theory rabbit holes, and her self-importance grew intolerable. She was sure the “Space Aliens” she was getting downloads from would save the day. Frustrated, she stopped adhering to any reality, any contractual agreements, abruptly quit.
Successful professionals part ways in peace and honor, which avoids reputation harm to all parties involved. Although she caused severe damage monetarily and to our UnGuru team, had she been ethical and closed out in peace, there would have been no complaints.
There were great things that did happen due to this woman that placed UnGuru on ‘pause.’ UnGuru’s team examined research data that professional media companies obtain to understand public perception, what people are watching, and their psychological perceptions. The data showed what we already knew. Humanity had reached a tipping point falling into frightening Narc Spectrums.  
UnGuru’s board decided not to pursue her financially because she is mentally ill and on the poverty line. One of the essential missions within UnGuru is to create serial entrepreneurs. Had she adhered to her contract, she would have thrived financially.
With the onset of the masses ceasing to be human, UnGuru realized the importance of adding more ‘checks and balances’ to our vetting process to prevent any broadcaster, service, or product provider from sneaking in that has mental problems. After further study results, the only safe product accreditation is Kosher. The rest of the accreditations allow merchants to sell toxic products.
When forming new relations within business or friendship, humans must understand the “New Normal Human” before getting involved. “Members Only” is more important than ever before. Skip to “Zombie Apocalypse” if you’re bored.  
It takes a lifetime to build a fantastic reputation and one nutcase to ruin your life. Reputations are the only currency people will have moving forward. “Face Value” will no longer be valid with anyone.
To end this incredible experience, UnGuru has monitored and analyzed her channel to use for membership education. She is currently creating plagiarized content, buying cheap ‘likes, comments, views,’ and doing everything UnGuru taught her never to do. Even stranger? She is not monetized.
Keep in mind that “Amateur” doesn’t mean stupid. “Media amateurs” are not “trained monkeys” like academic, professionally trained media creators are. Those professionally trained in media arts already know; not a thing is hidden, all media, history, and arts is fake-half-truths. 
If a Tuber Content Creator is good, they’re poached. Content is put through an AI computer, slightly altered, ends up as a “Netflix Series” on television or cable, or made into a blockbuster movie. Since the invention of literature, the moving picture, all media has been used as propaganda to control the public.
An amateur content creator CAN NOT COMPETE with the buying power of Hollywood and media conglomerates. The public has no clue that media “Conspiracies, Celebrities and Agendas” have always been designed since time began, as much as education, used as a method to control the public, and harm humans, which is why UnGuru has created our media and art platform for everyday people, the real artists which places the power back into humanity.
Understanding media law, contracts, and Entertainment Law is wise for any consumer who creates amateur content or consumes media. If the public understood the law and civics at a basic level, the world would not be this corrupt, and people would not be this evil due to intentional biowarfare.
UnGuru’s board are well-known veteran media arts and entertainment professionals. Professional media companies use data not only to study what the public is consuming but technology programs to cross-reference for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very costly crime, not to mention disgusting.

The only truth is that we live in “Truman Shows” where those we know poisoned and harmed our families for personal gain.

The only thing that is happening is a “round-up” of our corruption, an in-coming health crisis (physically and mentally), and an actual Zombie Apocalypse of the “Covert Passive Aggressive” becoming the “New Norm” everywhere, which is why “Members Only” will be the rule!
Tune-Out, Self-Master, Chill-Out!
Get ready for the “Great Bait & Switch Reset”!
You can no longer convince people of anything. Don’t try. The brain parasites “hive-minding” together being sucked into the net, you can not help adults now that are full-blown insane.
If people have lost touch with reality, leave them to their thoughts. Any trustworthy public figures have left the media altogether. What is good news? The truth is no longer dangerous unless you snitch on a Crime Syndicate.
Reminders? There is no “censorship’ when your tax dollars pay for what you consume. The Supreme Court is trying to overturn the Smith and Mundt Act. 
How can the Supreme Court overthrow what the “Mobs” want and willingly pay for? Essentially, the adult public is locked in the machines paying for their deaths.

Intentional propaganda, pre-planned societal illnesses to benefit from our reactions/deaths, tech-media-music bioweapons, trauma created by those in our community systems have not been fair! “Adulting”, may help? Personal responsibility would be a start! Perhaps corruption should have been handled sooner? 


Rest assured, UnGuru has learned priceless lessons from many people to enforce strict checks and balances for all involved. If UnGuru places its “Seal of Approval” on anyone, they will have been thoroughly vetted! The protection of our membership is of the utmost importance. This “new” evil in people will reach pandemic levels. The Narcs will hive-mind in packs, too. 

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Listen in on this video how CityGal Melanie was solicited to study you! Through your tax dollars CityGal Melanie could have made endless amounts of money to study what you are consuming on the internet just by surfing her social media, youtube and search engines. Your tax dollars are used for your own genocide. Don’t buy, don’t watch, don’t use. Conscious Consumerism will send a message. UnGuru is a PRIVATE broadcast network where members are entirely safe when utilizing our site or enjoying our interactive Fireside Chats. Our members data is not sold and there are no technology weapons on our platform. 

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Fine Arts, Museums, Figures, Hollywood Have Always Been; MkUltras, Slaves, Fakes, Mafia!

Rigged, Mafia Run Sports Franchises Buy Sex Slaves & Traffic Children With Your Tax Dollars.

Data Mining Every Time You Use The Net or Cell Phone Paid For By You And Into The Pockets Of Those You Know!

Sell Your Social Media Channels? 🖥 Mass Dumping Of All Net & Social Media Fakery! 💰 Tech, Net, Media Over! 🤡

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