🧿 This is Science! Please take the MACHINES away from your children! 🧿

  UnGuru doesn’t like “labels or thought prisons” so we don’t go down the wooo-wooo too far. 


In all honesty, there are literally 15 things we are all addicted to and or that are detrimental to our health.

Even the big C, Morgs, Lyme, Environmental Sickness and disease can be cured with UnGuru’s practitioners and affordably. You do not need the $9000.00 a week Environmental-Lyme-Morgellon Sociopathic Doctors or their lies. our partitioners are fully affordable. 


Most of UnGuru’s educations are all DIY, then hit the consult button if you still need to. 


It is not easy to heal and Oxidative Stress is the ignition to all disease. Also the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” book and all the fake asassinations of doctors that cure diseases are lies too. 


You are MONEY to every damn agenda out there.

Here ya go! Disclaimer-“Our medical professionals make no claims to cure any disease”.


Why do we have to say this? Because Government Inc Alphabet Agencies want forever customers and good doctors are under attack only in losing their licenses, but not for long! 😏


Let’s clean ourselves up!

The pursuit of immortality by merging humans with machines has been in planning for more than 400 years, otherwise known as Transhumanism.


Morgellons-Lyme sufferers have systems that are overloaded from biowarfare, parasites, hybrid bugs, heavy metals, smart dust, crop dusting. 


Other intentional poisons known as; Teflons, Gen-X Chemicals, C-8, Phosphate have been  layered in the human body, intentionally. 


No accident that our world is filled with poisoned food, air, water, medicine, wifi-emfs-cell towers. 


All these diseases are passed from mother-father to child. 


(Bacteria-parasites, cells, memory DNA)


For example; genetic alcoholism and every other genetic disease some say this is called; 

“the sins of the mother and father”.


 Could be, “Karma”-Newton’s Law of 3. 😎

🌎 Hive Mind 🌏

You can not help those already controlled by the machines? 🤡

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