Earthly parasites control our brains through intentional poisons within mercury, heavy metals, other toxins generated through the MACHINES. 

The earthly parasites control our health and behavior through wifi-emfs coming through our smart devices, radios, televisions, cell towers. 

We human hosts are unable to self reflect how sick we all really are. 

The Humans with little to, no empathy find sources of empathy within those that remain Human and will kill the Human with love in their hearts by inflicting emotional distress and trauma. 

You can find the studies that the level of empathy within humans is lacking at dangerous levels. The people we know in our communities doing this to humanity was no accident.

Most within these fields didn’t know but we all know now and if you don’t then there is not much any one can do for you.


New Age Bullshit DOWN! Psyche-Narc-Agendas Down. 

All systems are down. 

95% of communication is non-verbal. Trust your GUT?

Check out Quorum Sensing and you will understand why “They Say” to “TRUST YOUR GUT”. 

Well? As Academics go, they have to tell HALF TRUTHS because they are normally funded by the ZIONISTS and PSYCHOPATHS that caused all human suffering! 😂

Lies on TOXO, as Toxoplasmosis Ghondii is in all living things to include plants. 


Toxoplasmosis Ghondii was first discovered in the 1700’s? Go figure. 😎

Parasites are Controlled by the Machines

Sins of the Mother and Father passed in Toxoplasmosis which can be fond in all living things to include PLANTS!

Sins of the Mother and Father

What is controlling our behavior?

UnGuru Calls this S.O.S

S.O.S – System Overload Syndrome!

Who are your Farmers, really?

Who did this to Humanity?

Welcome to your Live Pink Floyd the Wall Show!


🧿 The choice is peace, healing, moving around like minded to leave the keys to the youth! 🧿

🌎 Hive Mind 🌏

You can not help those already controlled by the machines? 🤡

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