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The Shift - Private Lifestyle Club

What is a Private Life Style Club?


Well? The corrupt have always belonged to fraternal organizations. It is time for the public to step into these businesses to avoid deranged and evil.


The importance of transparency within any business or person is needed now more than ever. 


The Shift provides a one-stop shop for; family, boutique medical, fitness, spa, business, and entertainment in a transparent community where everyone can feel safe. 


The Shift Private Lifestyle Club is a 27,000 sq ft. facility on 3 acres in Palm Beach County. Armed Guard Protected with 24/7 access for members. 


The Shift Private Lifestyle Club will be available for Franchise opportunities. Interlinking Worldwide Pacifists means corruption will be kept to a minimum and dealt with by Government, as should be. Private People don’t spend money on politricks or deal with corruption.


Come as you are!

Welcome, Home Humans. ❤️

10,000 Capacity – Amenities (shortlist)


  • Family, Men’s, and Women’s Indoor Pools
  • Family Outdoor Pool & Entertainment 
  • Indoor-Outdoor Sports Arenas
  • Family, Men’s, Women’s Lounge & Spa
  • Complete Family, Men’s, and Women’s Indoor Fitness Arenas.
  • Kid Care & Activities
  • Indoor-Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Boutique Medical & Spa
  • 300-seat theater, in-the-round
  • Cigar Bar, Smoking Lounge, Darts, Billiards & Chess
  • Juice Bar
  • 7 Lane Bowling Alley
  • Co-Working Offices, Meeting Rooms.
  • Full Culinary Kitchen Classes
  • Member Garden
  • Film Studio
  • Chemical-Free Bar & Restaurants, Outdoor Family Pool & Entertainment
  • Dog Park
  • Playground
  • 500-seat outdoor amphitheater
  • Sports, Martial Arts, Theater, Dance, Arts, Film Studios
  • Member Private Homeschool Club 
  • Local Market & Shoppes
  • Private-Public, Community Outreach

Private Community Newspapers

Community Newspapers are very important for Pacifists and Conscious Consumers. Our Newspapers will be available for franchising so communities know who to trust where ever they are, may be traveling to, or considering a move to any particular region. Making sure our community businesses are vetted within the highest of ethics and safety, foster peace. 

Our community Newspapers do not focus on corrupt or politics. Our community newspapers focus on vetting every business within our community or listing businesses or people that should be avoided. Government handles corrupt. Pacifists avoid the corrupt, are family and community oriented with ethical & transparent charities and foundations. Pacifists money tends to go to the conservative sides of things but will always choose Pacifists business over any “Team” or agenda.
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