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Free Will – Make the Shift Count!

Law of Nations is Supreme!

A private members’ club has no legal structure. It can be an unincorporated association, a trust, or a private limited corporation.

The best structure for your club will depend on its size and activity. The club should have a constitution, so that all members understand the club’s regulations and how it runs. Not only social or political activities are protected.

This right can be used for business (e.g. sale of alcohol). The due process liberty clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments protects members of private membership associations from state regulations that limit contract obligations. Finally, the 1st, 5th, and 14th amendments guarantee due process.

In addition, the 10th Amendment ensures that any persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens of both countries.

No state shall make or enforce laws restricting the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. In addition, the 9th Amendment ensures certain fundamental rights to all men, women and children.

Freedom of expression, assembly, and due process are all fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. If the Constitution doesn’t grant the government a particular right or freedom, then we all do.

Those freedoms include self-determination, homeschooling, supplier choice, lifestyle, food, drink, and any other right or freedom that does not impact on or threaten the rights and freedoms of others.

In a private membership association, members enjoy all rights and privileges unless they pose a clear and present threat of substantive evil.

UnGuru will be unveiling our own Internal, Gold Backed Cryptocurrency 2023-24!

Vote With Your Dollar!

UnGuru PMA Covers All Businesses within our Membership. 


What does this look like?

As a member you will be responsible for
structuring your own PMA but until then we will work with you to cover your product or service selling. 


The cost of setting up your Membership Businesses and covering your family to prevent Government Overreach placing you in the private sector for UnGuru Members ranges from $500-$2000.00. 


Once structured properly, understanding how to run your family and or small business in the private you do not need to restructure again.


We also offer our membership the ability to Barter!


UnGuru encourages gifting amongst members! Gifting is not taxable up to 10k.  


Our Private Member Association Currency is bartering measured by value of goods. 

So while every one else is wasting their time fighting for a Government that is not theirs having to deal with corrupt businesses in their own communities, UnGuru helps you move out of the fight clubs knowing exactly who to do business with locally and worldwide.


This is where our community newspapers and radio stations come in!


CHECKMATE the community corruption, as prevention is the best medicine.


Know who you are getting involved with before servicing their business or entering into any  relationship. 

No More Forever Customers!

All things Small to Mid-Size Businesses in the Private Sector!

For Shipping, Trucking, (local concierge hailing drivers and or delivery services) Clubs, Restaurants, Gyms, Fitness, Entertainment, Medical Boutiques, Farms, small to midsize businesses, UnGuru strongly suggests and works with ProAdvocates who have been in business of protecting families and their businesses for over 50 years.

Remember that belonging to Government is not a requirement. Court or Government Inc. only cares about contracts and having your business and family properly structured in accordance with all laws.

Under your own PMA you are free from all government overreach, able to contract directly with people.

Judgement Day has arrived. The day of transparency, fair business for fair business practices, autonomy is here!

Humanity WINS!

😎 These people come from American (Worldwide) Communities and homes .....🤫

Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through the Exchange of Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!
Thank You, George Carlin!
It is one big club and you and I ain't in it! Wonder what neighbors in your communities are in those clubs? 🤯

😳 They don't fall from some membrane out of the sky .....🤫

⚖️ Ain't NO ONE have time for INSANE, Cannibals, pedos, Rapists, liars, Corrupt, COURT JESTERS! 🎭

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