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  • For better or worse, technology is not going anywhere. We must utilize and embrace the good parts while ignoring and discarding the bad ones. UnGuru is making the future more amazing with proper automation and simple technology protections so that you can feel at ease perusing our platform and if and when you would like to participate.


  • Progressively, more people are waking up to our world, and we want to change. One of UnGuru’s priorities, besides the well-being of young families and youth, is to help create as many ethical entrepreneurs as possible to aid in humanity’s liberation,  prevent middle-upper- middle class from disappearing, and erode corruption within our communities linked worldwide. Perhaps you would like to relocate, already have an established business, and need to learn proper banking and commerce, or make sure you and your family are protected legally from all government overreach. If so, UnGuru is for you!


  • UnGuru’s Ensemble is not your ordinary ‘experts’ that you may find on social media. Our core ensemble comprises “recovering academics,” serial entrepreneurs, and realists with a sense of humor who know ‘Planet X’ won’t be hitting the Earth unless NASA makes shit happen. UnGuru’s Ensemble never fell for bullshit; know poisons in everything have rendered even parts of our own families insane. If you understand reality, such as; corrupt communities, poisons, controlled opposition, and staged community protests, you are in great company. UnGuru has no desire to fight with the infected and a deep yearning to help connect those that still have the integrity to be the change. 


  • Due to the “New Normal” scammers and nutcases, UnGuru’s Ensemble, members, product, and service providers are strictly vetted, and deep dive background checked so that you know everything is legit, credible, and ethical, whether dealing with nutrition, medicine, midwifery, homeschooling and in many other areas.


  • When you visit UnGuru, you will be free of fear or hesitation that you are home with a crowd of down-to-earth, normal dysfunctional, trustworthy ‘REALISTS.’ It is your platform without censorship, judgment, or political correctness. As George Carlin stated: “It’s one big club, and you and I ain’t in it!”
  • At UnGuru, we don’t hold any punches. We dispel any myths or misconceptions about who is within our communities and why. Often confusion or understanding is the result of what you’ve been told to think, how to think about things. Besides? How shocking is it to know the creepers have been under our noses all along?


  • As we uncover corrupt individuals, organizations you may feel disbelief, sadness, anger. It’s more important to have forgiveness, move into the New World. The past can not be undone, but the future looks bright, for the wise. Best revenge is peaceful, ethical success. 


  • We are entering into a new world, and we have no choice but to enter along with it. However, we have the power to choose how we enter that world.
  • For a moment, think of one of UnGuru’s components that makes our franchise a ‘one stop shoppe’. UnGuru’s social community and searchable classifieds puts the cherry on top! A fantastic array of information, topics, to browse for services, products, protocols, new life skills, and entertainment, all while you are pre-informed of when broadcasts will be airing.


  • Broadcasts and Life Skills can be downloaded to watch out of wifi for those that are EMF/ELF wave sensitive. You won’t miss a thing, as every show alerts you to the topics and materials being covered. Thus, you can schedule what you wish to participate in, or e-mail to have your questions answered live if you can not attend.  UnGuru Places the voice back into our members so you never have to be shut out or “programmed” again. But we’re even more than that.


  • UnGuru offers; all important life skill courses in short, (Live and Interactive) understandable – DIY – formats, learning materials. Our DIY designs are ‘straight to the point’ information puts you in control so that UnGuru becomes a low-use platform without montages of confusion, removing all the negativity associated with media. Every offering is affordable to middle class.


  • Moreover, our inner community looks just like a ‘Facebook Group,’ but without the confusion, tech weapons (yes, they come right through your screen on those other platforms), advertisements, hard sales, or feeling obligated to respond the ‘right way.’




Under the Umbrella of UnGuru, we facilitate the flow of authentic information through our Interactive Private Broadcast Network Ensemble, or vetted businesses, and worldwide membership. UnGuru is a highly connected network of businesses, organizations, institutions, and specialized “member-only” communities, worldwide. 


UnGuru’s core objective is to restore; peace, ethics, share positive information about reputable, transparent, apolitical, private local companies that are small-to-midsize, and promote private events by community and worldwide.



Vision Statement~


Our vision is to enable ethical direct  (B2B) commerce and engagement that prioritizes community involvement to encourage long-term business success while forging business relations worldwide. Where ever a member may travel to, they are met by trusted friends.



UnGuru has no political agendas or affiliations, as we know no Government is our Government. Apolitical, Pacifist-Realists. Knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard prevents corrupt.



How to Build Resilience Circles!

Build Your Own Resillence Circles


  • 10-20 people that come together to increase personal security during challenging times. 


  • Circles are autonomous in thought and respecting of one another’s personal belief’s. 


  • Circles have three main purposes; Exchange of information, mutual aide and peaceful social action in community. 

Highly Suggested To Understand But A Warning; "Only If You Can Handle The Truth"!

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