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Under the Umbrella of UnGuru, we facilitate the flow of authentic information through our Interactive Private Broadcast Network Ensemble, or vetted businesses, and worldwide membership. UnGuru is a highly connected network of businesses, organizations, institutions, and specialized “member-only” communities, worldwide. 


UnGuru’s core objective is to restore; peace, ethics, share positive information about reputable, transparent, apolitical, private local companies that are small-to-midsize, and promote private events by community and worldwide.



Vision Statement~


Our vision is to enable ethical direct  (B2B) commerce and engagement that prioritizes community involvement to encourage long-term business success while forging business relations worldwide. Where ever a member may travel to, they are met by trusted friends.



UnGuru has no political agendas or affiliations, as we know no Government is our Government. Apolitical, Pacifist-Realists. Knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard prevents corrupt.



How to Build Resilience Circles!

Build Your Own Resillence Circles


  • 10-20 people that come together to increase personal security during challenging times. 


  • Circles are autonomous in thought and respecting of one another’s personal belief’s. 


  • Circles have three main purposes; Exchange of information, mutual aide and peaceful social action in community. 

Highly Suggested To Understand But A Warning; "Only If You Can Handle The Truth"!

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