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A private members’ club has no legal structure. It can be an unincorporated association, a trust, or a private limited corporation. You can even run your home as a 508 Church.


The best structure for your club will depend on its size and activity. The club should have a constitution, so all members understand its regulations and how it runs. Not only social or political activities are protected.


This right can be used for business (e.g., the sale of alcohol). The due process liberty clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments protects members of private membership associations from state regulations that limit contract obligations. Finally, the 1st, 5th, and 14th amendments guarantee due process.


In addition, the 10th Amendment ensures that any persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens of both countries.


No state shall make or enforce laws restricting the privileges or immunity of citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. In addition, the 9th Amendment ensures certain fundamental rights to all men, women, and children.


Freedom of expression, assembly, and due process are all fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. We all do if the Constitution doesn’t grant the government a particular request or freedom.


Those freedoms include self-determination, homeschooling, supplier choice, lifestyle, food, drink, and any other right or privilege that does not impact on or threaten the rights and freedoms of others.


In a private membership association, members enjoy all rights and privileges unless they pose a clear and present threat of substantive evil.

UnGuru encourages gifting amongst members! 


Our Private Member Association Currency is bartering measured by the value of goods. Gifting is not taxable up to $10,000. 


Always drop the contract. UnGuru is not responsible for any business. Yet, all companies have been vetted to the best of UnGuru’s ability. However, UnGuru is not responsible for your direct business within our Private Member Business Club. 


The vast majority of our world has been entirely traumatized. Rather than “Adulting,” adults seem to be setting future generations up for failure, not in a panic about the world’s youth. Wasting lives scrolling in the machines is an awful mistake at this present time when there is a world of good people waiting to exit all systems and conduct excellent business peacefully. UnGuru’s vetted community of peaceful people helps you move out of the fight clubs, knowing who to do business with locally and worldwide.


Worldwide, voting is just an opinion. Adults don’t need managers. 


Middle and Upper Middle-Class Business Clubs will be harder to enter than any Elite Business Club, and rightfully so. 


You, as a consumer and a business owner, deserve the best. 


Expect to sign contracts and provide full transparency about who you are, where you get your money from, and what you have invested within.


No one minds healthy wealth earned. Suppose you are a Silver Spoon Trust Fund Baby that utilizes your gifts for the greater good of your family, ethically investing in the community. In that case, you are welcome as a member of UnGuru. 


CHECKMATE the community corruption and worldwide corruption as one becomes a conscious consumer and makes sure their circles are normal dysfunctional, and “old school” cool. 


There is no such thing as “perfect .”Yet, when we make mistakes, they are corrected with care. 

No Law requires you to belong to Government

For Shipping, Trucking (local concierge hailing drivers or delivery services), Clubs, Restaurants, Gyms, Fitness, Entertainment, Medical Boutiques, Farms, and small to midsize businesses, UnGuru strongly suggests and works with ProAdvocates.


ProAdvocates has been in the business of protecting families and their businesses for over 50 years.


Remember that belonging to Government is not a requirement. Court or Government Inc. only cares about contracts and having your business and family structured correctly per all laws.


Under your PMA, you are free from all government overreach and can contract directly with people.


Judgement Day has arrived. The day of transparency, fair business for fair business practices and autonomy is here!


Humanity WINS!

UnGuru's Private Vetted Member Service Providers.

☑️ Medical Advocates

☑️ In-Home IV Therapy and Doctor Private House Calls

☑️ Medical and Retreat Tourism

☑️ Plant Medicine

☑️ Midwives

☑️ In-Home Spa and Concierge Services

☑️ Lab tested-chemical free small-midsize products

☑️ Trusted Lab Testing

☑️ In-Home Vet and Grooming

☑️ Indie door-to-door delivery services and ride hailing companies

☑️ Worldwide Shipping- Cargo, Trucking Companies

☑️ Private Membership rentals, entertainment, travel and tourism

☑️ Transparent MLM and Franchise Companies

☑️ Regions competing for your family and your business

☑️ Publishing, Tech-Website Services

☑️ Community News Papers

☑️ By Zip Code Private Networking-Events -Venues

☑️ Direct sale pharmaceutical companies

☑️ Direct sale herbal companies

☑️ Whole Life Insurance Professionals

☑️ Credit Union and State Banks

☑️ Mail Service Providers

☑️ CPA's-Notaries-Estate Planners

☑️ Virtual Assistants and Personal Assistants

☑️ Real Estate

☑️ Home Contractors and Services

☑️ Private Investors

☑️ Word of Mouth - EVERYTHING

Vetting Process For Small Business Producers & Service Providers?!

UnGuru has vetted all products and service providers by zip code, worldwide.

If you are a member or non-member wishing to report businesses to stay away from, please e-mail UnGuru!

UnGuru will fairly fact-check any business at no cost.

Our internal classifieds make it easy to contact our vetted businesses to conduct direct business.

If you wish to be listed as a service provider or sell products, the above is the process we start with.

Vetting process costs $50.00.

If you are accepted, UnGuru takes 10% per sale, as our employees make (transparent for members) fair living wage,

stay on top of all vetted businesses to make sure their customers are placed first and the business remains honest.

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