By Zip Code & Worldwide Community Newspapers & Radio Stations ends Authorized Crimes Syndicates!

One of UnGuru’s highest priorities is to restore independent community newspapers and radio stations. UnGuru has left all tax paid public systems, save a few we know are transparent and ethical. 

Our community newspapers will not be able to report on public, tax-paid events or charities, as that is none of our business. UnGuru has amassed PRIVATE investors worldwide who understand the importance of making sure our middle and upper middle classes are restored. 

Our highest priorities are our worldwide youth and young families or those with young children and of course our Millennials on down. UnGuru’s community newspapers and radio stations will serve to report on ethical and local private businesses and events, highlight those who are private stewards to their communities, highlight ethical small charities (in the private) for services needed by that particular community, and help people start their own networking and volunteer groups to help families in need right in their very own communities. 

UnGuru’s Newspapers and radio stations will only serve as public protection within helping those in the public sector that wish to move into the private sector or report on those within their communities that may come under unfair attack from corporate or governmental organizations unlawfully. 

Every community newspaper UnGuru helps to establish will be its own private community news source within our guidelines of integrity in that region for “checks and balances.” Humanity needs to come together to ensure that there will never be monopolies within any of our resources or communities, whether in the media, entertainment or otherwise. 

Starting your own community newspaper or radio station with the support of UnGuru means dedication and six months of journalistic training in the media arts, in order to become credentialed within press clubs and broadcasting associations, but no experience is necessary. 

You must be apolitical and be willing to receive help through our Estate Planners to move your family and business into the private sector, at peace with your local and worldwide government. UnGuru already has several zip codes in training. 

If your region has already started training, there is enough room for everyone. If the training has begun, UnGuru will get you to the community newspaper or radio station in your region. 

Adults have got to do better to ensure this horror never happens again, leaving the keys to our youth worldwide. WAR, Corruption and Tyranny is over. Don’t leave drunk Uncle Joe Behind.

🌎 Those who can make you believe in absurdity can make you perform atrocities?! 🌍

There are some Hollywood actors that are just AMAZING. What were their movies trying to tell you?

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Notice how the good actors usually work only with Ensembles? Kinda like UnGuru?   There is no “I” in Team!   Ethical, Autonomous business relationships, everyone wins and has one another’s backs! 😎


🌎 Do not go to events, stores, city circuses that force you to prove you are vaccinated! STOP FIGHTING! YOU ARE FREE! 🌍

The Media you intake pays for Genocide through your tax dollars. What it means to be an ethical consumer means personal responsibility. 

Your dollars that brought in the Space Aliens

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🌎 Pool Resources in your own communities to open Private Member Association Clubs and Boutique Medical Clinics! BOYCOTT! 🌍

♥️ Isn't it Nice to REALLY KNOW who is on the other end of the keyboard?! 😎
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