It is one big club and who in your community is "in it"?

Presidents and Politicians have doubles, food testers at the tax payers expense.


Even local politicians use your money to hire armed guards.


The “faked death” club is real.


The “Replacements” are real.


Mk-Ultra is real. Human Hybrids are real.




And your communities are corrupt AF!


Good people are the majority.


Still want to believe in Santa Clause!? Still think someone is coming to save the day?


These “Hatfield and McCoy” families all over the world are the destruction and they come from your very own community!


You supply their small front business and charities with the money needed to 

keep their meager wealth and rank!



Corporate Crime Syndicates in your Communities

Who are your authorized Community Gatekeepers, really?

Who are your authorized Community Crime Syndicates, really?

🤡  What is Zionism, eh?  🤡

Is this the BEST we can do?

Any corporate slave will tell you that the first thing that happens in their HR Departments is that they must pledge their money and time to that corporation's "pet charity," which is simply a tax write-off for stockholders and upper management. 

This is all pretty sick, but these entities wouldn't be making the kind of money they do if you, the consumer, weren't watching, buying or reacting to their games. 

What is even sicker is your neighbors don't care about you, they care about their things, titles and money.

This is BIG MONEY.

🤡  How about them neighbors of yours, eh?  🤡

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