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Red-Light Districts, Legalization of Drugs & Adult Prostitution With Community Voluntary Oversight, Prevents Deviant Crime!

Are We Surrounded By Crime Syndicates?

♜ We Are In "Middle Game"! ♛ There Will Be Justice! ♚ Pacifism Wins! ♞

Who Founded Our Education Systems?

Should We Turn A Blind Eye On Toxic Shock Syndrome?

When Education Systems Are Not Repairable, Educate Your Own Children!

Young Parents, Youth Need Information NOT Control!

UnGuru’s wish is for all young parents to choose what is right for them, one parent to stay home, born into a world of adults who would never think to force their wishes on any young parents but to guide with wisdom, love, and honor of any choice parents make. All Nation State Constitutions do not prohibit abortions. Abortions are legal at any private clinic.

If you are a Homeschooling parent and are part of an authorized group where you think you are protected, you have been fooled! The only way to protect your children from Government is to legally create your own Private Member Association.

UnGuru Can do this for parents if you are a member at no cost!

Overturning Roe V. Wade means tax dollars no longer pay for the abortion where fetuses are sold and put into our food or sold to “mad scientists”, or Transhumanism freaks!

Family planning should become the norm. Parents will need to plan for their children. Planning for one’s child prevents any Government Overreach. Ensure that if parents decide to part ways, and there are no emotional or financial difficulties or parental alienation. UnGuru’s educators have young families covered for what ever they may choose. 

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