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Enjoy a taste of UnGuru's Interactive Fireside Chats!

Ensemble Members, Buffy LeAnn & Rambo Osanya Fireside Chat – Teaser Trailer!

Teasers are posted on our calendar on the 17th of every month along with links to; the subject, discussion, or lesson, which may include topics or materials needed to research/study before attending the scheduled Fireside Chat.


UnGuru’s; Story Site production design is the first of its kind; it is Trademarked and patented as such.


UnGuru’s production design was founded by taking into account the health of all involved and the protection of our entertainers and educators. Members receive the teaser trailers directly to their email, which can be downloaded and used out of Wifi.


Thus, founding new media, education, and entertainment designed to be interactive, automated, and low-use.  Tech literacy and automation are a must due to the dangers of overuse and tech weapons. Low Dose – High Vibe your entire life.

What is an Interactive Fireside Chat?


  • Two to three-minute teaser opener with subject matter sent to membership in advance, marketed, and posted on UnGuru Now’s calendar. 


  • The broadcast is a 10-15 minute interview with the subject, and the floor is open to all who attend. The capacity is 2-300, depending on whether a course or entertainment. Q and A, or mingling, lasts for 30 minutes. The show is shut down. People are invited to stay to share freely.


  • What styles of Fireside Chats do we have? All kinds and suggestions are always welcome.


  • Members can schedule their Fireside Chats to share their products, services, and goods. Yet, it must not conflict with UnGuru Interactive Broadcast Network’s Ensemble Shows or education. Members need to schedule their Fireside Chats with our staff. 


Get Out and Network! ​

  LIFETIME FITNESS, UnGuru Approved   

  Venture X – Co- Working Spaces, UnGuru Approved   

  Only Networking Group UnGuru Recommends  

⚛︎ As a general rule, UnGuru Members and those we align ourselves with are Anti-Vaccines, and Anti-Masking, Freedom Lovers! ⚛︎

Transparency is Priority Number One! ​

What does it take to run UnGuru?


  • Three full-time Employees 


  • Two full-time Marketing Staff


  • Four Computer Engineers 


  • Community Capacity is 10,000


  • Salaries are transparent to UnGuru members


Note: 10,000 Community Capacity will be capped and then moved to another inner community by the most consolidated Zip Code with the same employee structure.


The name of UnGuru’s branch communities may differ. However, UnGuru will serve as the “mother company” as oversight and aide to all other communities ensuring ethics, standards, and quality remain intact. 


Our community newspapers and radio stations follow the same suit.


SMALL Community! Charitable! Individuals! Transparent! We get to know our neighbors now! “Word of MOUTH, Got them Lab Tests, Where do you source your EVERYTHING”?!


More Nation States to follow and run the same. To never allow Monopolies again, HUMANS must network acutely local first, then worldwide, to know who they can trust in the Private for everything.

UnGuru's Inner Community​

Membership Community Site

What does UnGuru’s Community Look Like Inside?


  • Dark Mode. No Digital Drugs or Tech Weapons. 


  • Blue Screen Protected.


  • Rife Frequencies are on at all times for calming experience.


  • All Heat Mapping and Biometrics Bioweapons have been Disabled.


  • No Ads running. No Info grabbing or data mining. 


  • Ensemble Members are in their groups once a week to chit chat.


  • We like to joke and have a group for “Anything Goes”. 🤪 Gif loaded and Memes Welcome. 😅 Comedy is a requirement!


  • Secure document Upload and File Downloads for sharing information.


  • No pressure to respond to any post. 


  • Recommended Community use is a couple times a week for an hour or so to share.


  • Everyone is background checked! ☎️ Pick up the phone and do good business. 

Life Skills Offered

A Sample Course in DIY Debt Discharge!

All Debts Are Paid For!

Life Skills Offered


  • Life Skill Courses are 10 min videos with materials. Member costs are $25-$200 per DIY, depending on the Life Skill courses. Easy, Short, to the point, and Step-by-Step, Courses in; Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Grants, Finances, Business, Health, Tech, and all Life Skills are offered by degreed, accredited, and or vetted serial entrepreneurs.


  • Take what you want and leave the rest in peace.


  • Consultations on the above are free.


  • Interactive, Short- Group lessons on the above are available. Member Prices are $20 per “Live” group course.


  • UnGuru prioritizes exchanging of information by “word of mouth” by Zip Code for all trusted providers and goods, as well as member-only business, entertainment, and world travel. 


UnGuru's App!​

UnGuru’s App


  • Inner Community


  • Member Shoppes and Services


  • Consults


  • Member Connect


  • Interactive Fireside Chats


  • Reciprocal Business & Fitness Club


  • Destinations, Worldwide


  • Private Travel & Tourism


  • Secure Payment Methods.

It Is Wonderful to Know Who Is On The Other End Of The Computer!