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So, always Check Your SPAM Email.
Please Make a Folder for UnGuru Email Correspondence.
For assistance call 414-828-7878. A real human will return your call within 24-48 hours.

Please remember on your checkout page to make sure you upload your Drivers License or Passport, as well as a add your phone number to reach you (WhatsApp, Telegram) in case UnGuru’s Staff has questions.

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You will be unable to apply with the same email, having to start the process all over again with a different email. This is due to how our automation works. 

Please note the process from application to acceptance takes 2-3 business days.

The importance of knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard worldwide is a priority to the protection of our members.

Having everyone within UnGuru PMA vetted, fosters relief amongst our community knowing we are all caring, respectful adults.

Your background checks and personal lives are not shared with any other members, nor does UnGuru PMA sell or share your information.

UnGuru PMA is bound by law to protect your personal privacy and protect our members, equally.

Your personal struggles are none of any one else’s business. We have all been broken. Come as you are with good character. You are in good “normal-dysfunctional” company.

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International Background Checks & Worldwide Due Diligence

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$ 9
99 Monthly
  • You know who is on the other end of the Keyboard
  • Access to All Groups
  • Automated Schedule of events and educations of your choosing
  • Ability to sell your products (After Approved) to our community
  • Access to have your own in-house or UnGuru Broadcast Network interactive fireside chats, interviews
  • Full discounts for all services
  • Ability to apply for financial assistance or support

Requires Phone Interview

$ 49
99 Monthly
  • Contact UnGuru for pre-interview to our global community within UnGuru Your Life which is a separate community within for those that wish ultimate privacy
  • Requires post-mail vetting
  • Investment in Franchise Opportunities
  • All perks of Membership Plan
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Don't bother to apply if you are a Zionist, affiliated in Zionist Charities, The Vatican and anyone associated with their Corporations, Crime Syndicates, Foundations, or "Left and Right" Agendas!

Secret is out. We have been Globalized since 1933. We have always been FREE!

Proper Estate Plan into the Private Sector, move to vetted regions with the most free State-(Country) Constitutions where like minded but autonomous peaceful people live, communities are the least CORRUPT, least intentionally environmentally poisoned and local governments are fully TRANSPARENT knowing they are managed by the people and BOW to their public!

Worldwide Boycott on Transhumanists, Technocrats, those that work for them! 😎

UnGuru PMA does not care if you have been in prison, on prison planet.
UnGuru PMA believes all drugs, adult prostitution should be legal. Why? Takes the crime and genocide out of it. How else do you think we all pay for our leaders to pretend fight and bomb each other's country's? They're the legalized thugs. 😎
UnGuru PMA believes in freedom and Red-Light Districts, if that is your thing. Think Amsterdam, lowest crime, addictions and child trafficking and all is legal there? 🤡

UnGuru PMA will not accept anyone who has been to prison for PEDOPHILIA or serious violent crimes and into dark creeper crap!

♥️ Worldwide Military, Human Trafficking Victims or Victims of their own Government Terrorism have Free Membership by calling 414-828-7878 ♥️
♥️ Former "Paper Terrorists" are welcome before they knew that being in accordance with Government Inc. is wonderful, easy and profitable, as Government Inc. ain't the problem! ♥️

Think twice about online impersonation. UnGuru PMA will not hesitate to sue. UnGuru has a BAD ASS legal team. Don't mistake this organization for grass roots. 😎
Our members privacy and safety is our duty and an oath UnGuru PMA takes very seriously.
-Click Here to understand the ramifications of impersonation

Isn't it WONDERFUL to know who is REALLY on the other end of the KEYBOARD? Like, real humans with humor and everything!