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Why UnGuru Your Life Is Technology Literate & Responsible!




UnGuru seems to continue to repeat many things. 


It is because people can not grasp the viciousness within our own families, community members who brought in; Eugenics, intentional poisons, tech weapons to link with bioweaponed parasites to control humans, layer them for Transhumanism and to poison for personal gain by turning us into Narcissists and Zombies.


People can not understand the severity in the upcoming mental and physical health crises, nor do people understand the reality with tech weapons, let alone media, as a whole. 


UnGuru is a low use platform that has the capability to be used without Internet for courses and broadcasts for our members who are EMF-Elf Wave Sensitive.


Tech; scheduling, literacy, protections, automation, and brain healing are paramount to repairing damage, just as is; trauma and health literacy, of which if mastered means; an easy transition into the new world, empowered with; emotional, legal, business, and financial literacy.


All of these scary things are easily, and affordably remedied. There is not a reason to panic. There is a reason to make the choices toward, ‘Self Mastery’. 


This Shift is in our own hands.


Note: UnGuru has dismantled all tech weapons, heat-mapping and has blue screen protections, is in dark mode, layered with Rife Frequencies throughout our platforms.



📡 Transhumanism - Down! 🪱 Frequency - Symbolism - Letters - Numbers - Chemicals - Parasites To Trap The Human Soul?


Automate Your Tech!

Sponsored by Priority Net Freedom. At Priority Net Freedom we design affordable, personal, community, family automated-hack proof- websites with the ability to connect to all your needs to conduct business, stay connected, worldwide without destructive Wife/Radiation?Elf Waves. Automation is wonderful! Technology is amazing, if used proper.  Slavery has ended! No more biowarfare on Humanity!

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