Low Dose-High-Vibe

🌎 Don't be fooled by the fancy "Secret" Websites! 🌏

🤡 How long before corrupt outed in your hood? 😅

Toss the Fear Porn!

If you are serious about healing, throw out televisions, smart tech, get an MP3 player to download your music, rife frequencies, affirmations and make playlists. You don't need any Gurus to do this.

Although there is one program that UnGuru does suggest, and that is our affiliate partner, Effective Learning Systems. Why? Effective Learning Systems has perfected Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. 

NLP is only called a pseudo-science by the Pharma-Psyche Associations because those clubs and  organizations want revolving generations of "forever customers", make way too much money off the destruction of individuals and families and want you to remain sick. 

Effective Learning Systems is affordable, produced with the highest ethical standards, and uses trusted frequencies to guide you into your own voice and connection with your own creator. 

 When our minds have been hijacked this badly, Effective Learning Systems is a great tool
to help you return to your own inner voice. 

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Brain Fry!

Get a notebook and plan your detox. You may slip into using your device again. Give yourself time. Most of us can’t use a map any longer or ever calm down long enough to write. We all have a level of PTSD.  

The BS “Live Your Best Lifers” have 20 handlers to do everything for them, as if you haven’t figured this out by now? Your “Star Creations” in any thought prisons are the slaves, with fake fans, followers and paid for publicity to include live city circuses or media stunts. 

Let’s not forget all their sponsors? Hmm? 

One of UnGuru’s favorite New Age-Self Help-Yoga Farting Bullshiters is; “Smeat, Spray, Smlove”, a bullshit story of another trustifarian “man hunting”. HAHAHAHA!

If bombs aren’t going off in your seven block radius, then don’t pay attention to the media or their fake rodeos. 

Find a closet, a corner, any where and make a meditation room.

You don’t need anything fancy to create a space to pray, meditate and take breaks. Create your own space. 


Every Room and Baby Steps

Baby Steps! Make a list and keep getting rid of everything. It is hard to let go. Always remember to give yourself the time you need to rebuild every inch of your life. 

We can’t say this enough. Stop allowing Gurus to make a business out of you, making you feel like you are not good enough. 

You don’t have their money, their handlers or their slavery. Link out to templates to minimize your home and life. Do not get stuck on any one guru. 

Don’t fall into scrolling through media or looking up steps to minimalism. 

Just another trick for career gurus that have 20 handlers to make you believe their lives are a dream. We have a one page example to get you going. That is all you need. 

Soon you will be in full swing, doing things your way!

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