Enjoy this FAKE template. We just slapped it up.

These website templates come in fantastic forms of endless addictive eye candy, laced with digital drugs and bioweapons, info-granting technology making your accounts fully vulnerable to hackers and those entities that buy your information.

CityGal Melanie is currently having made; Celebrity Net-Worth profile, is being onboarded as a contributor to New York Times, BBC, CNN, Yahoo News, etc., will have a star studded IMDb page, Her own personal Wikipedia (UnGuru is making her a socialite related to royalty), Ghost You-Tube where AI lifts all the real creators research, re-phrases, recreates the content which that channel will gain a massive monetized following with affiliate kickback links. 

Also being created is an Auto-News Website, Fake AI Guru and Crypto-Currency Site. 

To complete this amazing experiment, a Live Ghost-Channel You-Tube Meditation channel laced with healthy rife frequencies (Most are laced with really bad Bianural Beats and addictive digital drugs) to go along with a fake guru product selling DIY Wellness Demon Website, an automated Law Remedy Schmuck (Get Out of Government) Website.

This will expose everything and also expose labs, all your white-label sellers, drop-shippers, Amazon, EBay, Etsy, VRBO, Real Estate, Crypto-Currency and just how LEGALLY FAKE everything really is.

This is legal and when all the money is made back from having our computer engineers create the above, the rest of the money will be placed in UnGuru’s PMA foundation for our members.


UnGuru will uncover every scam you are boiling your brains on. Get off the machines and get to know your neighbors!

If the YouTube Channel or anyone on any platform has no direct phone number with a real human, it-they-who-ever is FAKE and or not worth your time.

UnGuru brings ethics back to everything. Phone 414-828-7878 to reach a live human voice!


Customers reviews

What people say

"it was nice to get back home to my special plasma water and all my special Wellness Demon Supplements because the stress of riding on that spaceship was a little too much. I contacted the Law remedy schmucks to just avoid my debt and now i am in Prison. I will let you know when I get out. my jail cell is real nice. i can even call my New Earther Guru for some long distance chakra Alignment also. Bonus"!

“it was my first time in Paris in my head. I astroprojected myself There with this AI version of my daughter and then the space aliens dropped me on top of the Eiffel Tower where i saw flat earth".
Karen Simons and my fake daughter Jennifer

The definition of insanity is thinking you can use smart tech, continue to pound sugar and poisons and somehow you will be ok?

“It is of my opinion you buy all your food at your Co-Op where it is 1000% marked up but the same poisons you get at Walfart. Keep thinking special packaging makes you healthier because that keeps me in business!
Sandra Files

Meet The Chefs THAT DON'T EXIST!

Chef Albert Benini

Do you like my trusting chef face? I make $25 for every model picture of myself that I sell to all these website templates which has made me a fortune fooling you.

Chef David Lax

Come to my restaurant. We buy our food from the same food supply trucks that poison everyone. We slather on the sauces and mix all kinds of meats together. Don’t worry, you won’t even notice your steak is really cow intestines. 

🤡  How about them neighbors of yours, eh?  🤡

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