Real Victims NEVER get their stories out.

Charity Gatekeepers are paid into the MILLIONS.

Many are used in conjunction with the ones who caused the Crimes in your communities.

The sweet little old lady streaming on Facebook Live about Satanic Ritual Abuse, to BLM, Homelessness or what ever!

These people are not survivors, they are NOT HOMELESS or what ever they say they are.

Media/Social Media Monopolies are then paid so the groomed gatekeepers can raise millions for charities and themselves.

On the more nefarious end of things, these LIVE STREAMING Aficionados are used by your communities to stall for time.

These charities organize protests, bully and re-victimize the survivors.
This is done to run the clock on Law Statutes so the real Criminals won't be held accountable.

Stalling and silencing victims gives the Criminals the time to use the Law to make the Crimes Against Humanity disappear.

Often Independent, Media Monopolies, Hollywood Documentaries are made to silence real victims once again.

Documentaries are made and paid for by the very people or groups that performed the atrocities.

Making these documentaries is more often than not a coverup to make the public to think everything is solved, justice served.

laughing all the way to the bank

Social Media Live BS-ers

Industrial Schools, Magdalene Laundries, Mother & Baby Homes, Baby Scoop, Forced Adoption, Child Protective Services.

Over 50 of UnGuru's researchers have investigated, the charities in your communities, NGO's, INGO's and not one is legit.

These Charities are your corrupt GATEKEEPERS! They make MONEY off of your blood!

What if the people in your community for centuries helped to create a Concentration Camp?

Your Neighborhood Social Media Crises Actors, Watchers, Gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers in Your Truman Show Below. Do You REALLY KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS.

Upper Management in your Community Organizations are the Gatekeepers.

Since the good people are the MAJORITY, do you really think Oligarchs will leave their minions?

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