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What Is An Interactive Story- Site?

UnGuru is a new concept created by CityGal Melanie Productions that is patented and trademarked. CGMP is an entertainment and literary “full-house” production, distribution, and investment company that helps create interactive academic and entertainment story sites for the public to get up close and personal with the artist.


CGMP sets the fee to produce, does all the work, then hands back the keys to the artists. CGMP works with several well-known distribution companies for publicity on behalf of their artists. Thus, never again will there be monopolies on any form of; media, arts. The days of tax-paid; “Hollywood & Media Mind Control CIA Liaison Boards”, are over.  That’s right! Our taxes pay for media, Hollywood, sports, genocide, and Crime Syndicates because we consume what they are producing. 


How do Interactive Story-Sites Work? An Interactive Story-Site follows several methodologies for the future of media, arts, and entertainment. A Story-Site tells the story, and an Ensemble or solo artist plays the part within each act or entertainment event.


Interactive sessions with members that enjoy the story, entertainment, and arts created-means the artist or ensemble connects with their audience in stylized “Zoom-Like” tech to enjoy live, interactive sessions filled with discussions and demonstrations.

UnGuru Your Life is our story.


This story depicts the failed plot to take over humanity by perfectly dividing each side of the political spectrums, moving “Stasi Crime Syndicates” into each of our communities (Worldwide) to poison our families, trick us into war, plan every divide and conquer agenda, all sickness and diseases, break humanity down, genetically modify humanity. Thus, has caused too many humans to even cease to be human, become sick, twisted, demented and untold genocides for over 400 years.  



The humans that are awake to those they grew up with, may work with, and live around are in shock that the people we once knew could be so entirely sociopathic. Humans are in grieving stages. Humanity has reached a spilt and tipping point where there will be those within our own families we must say; “Good-Bye” to, due to how demented they have become, make new family, rebuild, forgive and welcome in the rebirth to our new world. 


The ending, of course, is how humanity; heals, peacefully exits all systems, and mobilizes through conscious consumerism, becoming the solutions within their own lives and those within their communities.


Most importantly, leaving the keys to our future generations to clean up and prevent tyranny from repeating. The days of hijacking anyone’s subconscious into mind control are over.


~The End! ❤️

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