If your loved on is addicted to anything, a 30 day hospital stay with a medical advocate to watch over your loved one is all that is needed.

Rehabs destroy your family intentionally. Rehabs were set up intentionally to be the response to our Government allowing drugs into our communities and setting up every Crime Syndicate we have in our worldwide communities.

NAMI and AA is your best out-patient meet up resources but always give a fake name. DO NOT MAKE FRIENDS AT THESE ASSOCIATIONS!

I mean this really sucks but just start talking to people in your communities.

Nutrition, detoxing and love will heal.

UnGuru has a list of healthy healing homes that are affordable as well.

Never take your loved ones to a therapist. If you do, drop a NDA contract immediately or don't see that therapist.

If you need meds for anxiety or pain, we have a list of private boutique MD's that will prescribe these medications and drop NDA contracts with you which means they don't report to Government.

UnGuru also has credible online pharmacies you can get any med you need without a prescription or reporting to Hipaa which doesn't GIVE YOU PRIVACY. That alphabet agency tracks you right to insurance company's actuaries and reports to all the tax paid systems on the Human Farm Animal Stock Market.


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