Not all Government is bad and not all Celebs eat babies!
The conspiracy theorists got punked and were used as a distraction by the real Crime Syndicates. 😎

Easy to spot the ethical celebs that are not into fans, don't have "Hollywood Friends", are real artists and humanitarians.
I can say the real artists are afraid of the public and how the public treats their own families and communities.
Perhaps we need to change our own behavior in our families and communities? I think we can! 💓

Whilst I, CityGal Melanie, may be the founder, producer and brainchild of UnGuru, people forget that one can not solo-fly.

I am the producer of an enormous, first-of-its' kind, worldwide "Rotary Club" which, without our sponsors, investors, worldwide production team, as well as our Ensemble, UnGuru would not be possible. 

Perhaps solo-flying is where we all went wrong, allowing monopolies on our resources? 

Everyone is always looking to "one-up" one another or to get into the popular clubs, rather than looking toward one another to do fair business, take care of one another (especially our youth), and enjoy life. 

There is no "I" in Team. 

UnGuru looks "grass-roots" but we are not. This site, is a stationary site that won't change but to in-load business by zip code and region.

Magical spinning VR websites is not what we are about. Keeping you rolling, scrolling stuck in hours of "hot-winded" confusing podcaster paralysis is not part of UnGuru.

The machines used proper are amazing but the misuse of these machines is not only deadly, it will be checkmate on any portion of humanity that continues to scroll on. There is a reason tech giants don't allow their children to even use cell phones, computers or watch tel-lie-vision, nor do the tech giants overuse their own smart tech. Automate your life and directly do business within UnGuru, locally and worldwide. UnGuru's App will be ready in February.

How much insane media do you need, especially by Government Inc.'s own admission, everything to include any hearing is rehearsed, staged and fake? Neither side deserves the public's time of day.

Thus, UnGuru has a small ensemble for a reason. Not one professional repeats their specialty, quick and easy educations and you are on your way to doing business within and outside of UnGuru with trusted members.

I consider the UnGuru Ensemble "The Gatekeepers". This troupe's ethics, ease of collaboration, and teamwork far outperform anyone I've ever worked with to date! 

Our Ensemble Members are highly skilled scholars within their fields because they did not remain indoctrinated by our global education systems, they knew the difference between pundit media and professional journalism, and they took it upon themselves to be responsible for knowing more than most who are considered scholars.

So stop panicking and clean up! Ignore, Ignore, Ignore! 

Humanity has hit the 11th Hour and "EYE' of the storm. 

Let's kick-it into this AMAZING SHIFT! "TEAM HUMAN"!
Wave that individualism - Loud and Proud! 

Time for those all night roller skate-shuffle skates, block parties, the return of our wise community elders. Old School is where it is at, and that includes not leaving drunk Uncle Joe behind. Family is everything and there is always room for more family.

People can shove their Guru crap and red carpets where the sun don't shine.

Time for a "shot and a beer"! I am from Wisconsin. 

So many sayings in my Polish family. My Gramps raised me to say;
"You must mistake me for someone who needs this job or your friendship"? 

Me? I sell my soul for no one. What does selling your soul really mean?
It is about signing contracts. Are you aware of the contracts you have signed? Your "Word" is a contract! "Your Word is Your Bond", a legal contract.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

It is way past time you easily, without confusion, unrig from your contracts in peace and in good-standing!
Let's us kick some ass, chew some bubble gum
and rock the Cancel Culture!


CityGal Melanie

Polska for Life~

Dedicated to my Grands and Great Grands
who raised me proper! I hope I have made them proud.

"Who Stole the Kishka....someone call the Cops! HEY"!

Thanks for the Well Wishes, Celebs! We will see you on UnGuru! We Know you have A lot to say!

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We don't have the Boondocks Saints!
We have each other.
Let's Rawk this Peaceful Revolution!