Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

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In today’s corrupt climate, knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard is critical.

By working together to establish interdependent community newspapers and radio stations dedicated to sharing positive information about trusted, transparent, apolitical, private local businesses and events worldwide, this will release the flow of information. Under UnGuru’s umbrella, fake news and corruption have little chance of survivability as those within your very own local community, their corrupt facades will begin to crack.

The result of establishing interdependent worldwide community newspapers and radio stations will dismantle large media and entertainment monopolies, eradicating fake Google reviews, clusters of fake publicity, crisis acting, community influencers, and social media influencers.

The overall outcome will serve to end corruption by placing the power of the media back into the hands of the people will result in forced transparency, ethical business practices, and conscious consumerism, locally and worldwide. UnGuru encourages our members to forge direct business transactions without any extra fees.

One of UnGuru’s many goals is to take down large commerce monopoly apps. These conglomerates service their hedge fund family members and buddies first, and then those businesses that have the money to run thousands of ghost-websites, social media groups, YouTube channels that have the technology experts to manipulate the algorithms for their fake websites with automated blogs and gurus that don’t even exist, marking up affiliate products by 100% or more. UnGuru calls these monopolies “authorized crime syndicates.”

These worldwide commerce apps intentionally bury small-to-midsize businesses, and by charging the business owners that are forced to use these apps upwards of 25% to sell on their products or services, these small-to-midsize businesses are making very little money. This corruption does not end with commerce apps but is also within worldwide real estate, where primarily hedge funds are selling land, gaining the top rated spots in automation and algorithm placement.

UnGuru has also established an internal barter currency for business to business transaction. UnGuru will help people become the banks and encourage direct investing in each other’s businesses forcing insurance companies, bond services, State Banks and Credit Unions to compete for our business which will further erode and help to end corruption and tyranny on the innocent.

Authorized tyranny, genocide, scamming, corruption, and gouging will soon be stopped, tipping the balance in the favor of both consumers and business owners. Breaking these monopolies serves humanity by restoring “ma and pa” establishments and elevating the middle and upper middle classes to thrive again.

By vetting businesses within UnGuru that fall under the mission and vision outlined within, UnGuru members can start to trust direct business exchanges, both locally and worldwide.

Through education, investment, and support, UnGuru is also a business incubator where our PMA will assist individuals in establishing ethical businesses in private. UnGuru’s foundation provides direct assistance to those in need. 

Education inside unexposed knowledge offers our members peace of mind, knowing that they have always been protected from government overreach by learning true law and legally creating their families and/or enterprises in suitable private structures, adhering to all public laws.

UnGuru establishes a worldwide calm, helping our community to understand that not everywhere in the world is corrupt. Towns, cities, and countries are already vying for families and their businesses in the “Global Ellis Island Shuffle-Fourth-Final Industrial Revolution.”

Our members will learn about and develop direct relationships with independent businesses that are peaceful, with the ability to affordably relocate if desired, to areas where there is the least corruption, the most public servant transparency, where “divide and conquer” narratives are almost non-existent, where people are welcoming, where good character, individualism, and freedom are cherished, and where being of service to community members in need is not a business but a voluntary expectation.

😎 These people come from American (Worldwide) Communities and homes .....🤫

Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!
Thank You, George Carlin!
It is one big club and you and I ain't in it! Wonder what neighbors in your communities are in those clubs? 🤯

😳 They don't fall from some membrane out of the sky .....🤫


UnGuru is an “intentional use” platform, as media and technology should be utilized sparingly due to addictions and bioweapons intentionally placed within smart tech and the media as a whole.

However, there is beauty in technology that has enabled ethical direct business-to-business (B2B) commerce and interaction, which has facilitated global communication.

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The public has learnt that all wars were premeditated genocides, with no one fighting for anyone’s freedom. Humanity has found we are surrounded by foes. Rewriting history, keeping historical lies in place, constant reconstruction of our cities and towns, re-shaping our neighborhoods, intentional poisoning of everything has been uncovered. Every country’s public systems, those who manage those public systems, and their “Hollywood” have led to constant “Human Farm Animal-Look-Over-Here” games, personal gain for community managers, and explosive wealth for the ruling elite who benefit from humanity’s reaction to these abuses.

Our community is over the “Hatfield and McCoy-Wars”, by community and worldwide.

Follow the money”? But in your own communities. Learn the “13 Family Bloodlines” through our Historical Detective. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are way more than “13 Family Bloodlines” and people in your own communities on any political, business or religious side have been party to Crimes Against Humanity, “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

In the meantime, UnGuru encourages our members to find out where their community’s founding families are today and who their descendants, associates, and friends are.

Following your own communities; enterprises, corporations, small businesses, and public service titled servants, will assist us in seeing the true stories behind the closed doors of those families. Doing this we can begin to put together why the world is on the verge of collapse today. Understanding our own history will inspire a nonviolent revolution and solutions.

To end corruption, humanity will send a vibration around the planet that “lying, intentional poisons, and corruption” will no longer be tolerated ensuring protesting only with our wallet need be necessary. No second chances will be given to anyone that is not transparent within our very own communities.

Corruption and the corrupt will be met with silent exclusion where “word of mouth” will spread quickly. As humanity awakens to its own community corruptors, the next few years should be rather interesting.

The reaction of the former authorized crime syndicates will soon lead to loneliness as they will no longer be welcome in general circles, their small “front businesses” will close, large corporations will belly-up paving way for community members to establish their very own small businesses and the corrupt’s wealth will cease.

We are the solutions, the watch dogs, the peaceful warriors that will usher in the change humanity has been waiting for. <br><br>Our young families and children need directions to rebuild our intentionally poisoned environments and shattered homes, ensuring these atrocities never happen again.

Nonviolence is always the correct measure.

War and Genocide is over. Our wallets will make sure of it!

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