Piercing the Veil of Illusion

Specializing in Ancient Civilizations, Moorish & Lemurian Empires, Mud Floods, Cataclysmic Events, Discovering our Lost Histories.
Specializing in Ancient Civilizations

Michelle Gibson was born in July of 1963, and raised outside of Washington, D.C. in Montgomery County, Maryland. Receiving her her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore Country in 1989, Gibson has lived in many different places and has travelled extensively.

"I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history", Gibson, a self proclaimed "Historical Detective" and author, states.

Gibson put "pen to paper" uncovering that cities lined up primarily in circular and linear fashion discovering worldwide that places remarkable.

Michelle has been fascinated by megaliths most of her life, and her journey has led her to uncovering the key to the truth. Having found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities and extended the lines out.

"The whole process, other pieces of the puzzle fell into place, brought up much information - including a suppressed, ancient, advanced, global civilization - that needs to be brought back into collective awareness, and her research in tracking these alignments had led her to uncover the evidence for what has taken place here, those who were responsible, and how it was covered up right in front of our eyes", Gibson states.

Gibson's passion for sleuthing of cities and places in alignment around the world, she found extensive evidence that a world-wide Moorish civilization, with its roots in ancient Mu and Atlantis, built the world’s infrastructure.With different empires within Empire – Washitaw, Phoenician, Tartarian, Barbarian, & Ottoman, to name just a few – but one beautiful, elegant, integrated, unified, and worldwide civilization that was deliberately removed from our collective memory for the purposes of the power and control of the few, who definitely do not have our best interests at heart.

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Message from Michelle...

I have been called a “historical detective” by others who have come across my work, and since the shoe fits, I will wear it.

The true history of the Earth has been erased from the history books and from our collective memory deliberately and purposefully, so we would not know who we are, where we came from, and the advanced civilization Humanity was capable of creating, the physical evidence of which can be found literally everywhere.

I have always had an interest in history, though I am not a trained historian.  Had I received an advanced education in the history we have been taught, however, I doubt that I would have been open to receive this information in the manner I have laid out in the pages of this book.

What I am is very intuitive, and I have had a life-long interest in megaliths and hidden history, and in the course of my life’s journey, have encountered everything I needed to know in order to put this puzzle together, including people I have met, places I have visited, books I have read, videos I have watched, among many other things. I hope you enjoy my book. 

Warm Wishes, 

Michelle Gibson

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